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Learning (languages like Spanish) through Music

Without a doubt, one of the languages where you can really do this is Spanish.  Everyone knows what’s “mi casa, su casa” after listening enough to Shakira~

It’s easy for Spanish because the songs sound nice, and lyrics are very available.  So what you do is to open the song in one window and look at the lyrics in another.  Don’t try to read them as if they were English.  Listen to how they’re being sung, and hear the pronunciation.  And then you realize things like ‘j’ in Spanish is pronounced as a ‘h’ in English, and we learn! 😀

Let’s try an example using the song Sabor a Menta:

And here are the lyrics.  (Open in another window…)

Honestly, this method is simple.  Without knowing it, we improved our English in the same way.  The real problem really becomes -> how do you choose songs or get to know new songs?

I say: just use youtube and select based on genres.  Search “language name” + “pop”, “rock”, “salsa”, “bachata”.  Typically the top hits i.e. the nicest sounding ones come out.

And I think you’ll be surprised.  There are famous Turkish songs that have English equivalents (and the Turkish version came out before the English ones… for instance: “Simarik” -> this is Holly Valance’s song “Kiss Kiss”).

Try this, and tell me if it increases your interest in the foreign language you like! 😀

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