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Mix English & Language X to get: Singlish, Spanglish, Denglish – useful?

I think one way to make a foreign language interesting and easier to learn is to mix it with another language.  The purpose is not to believe that this should be the way to speak the foreign language, but instead, by doing so – you contextualize the foreign language with your own, and it becomes more fun to remember.  You also only have half a sentence to remember and it makes learning at the start easier.

Here’re examples of 3 languages mixed with English that are actually used in Singapore, parts of Latin America, and Germany:

Singlish (English words, Chinese grammar): “Today want to go watch movie or not?”

Spanglish (Spanish words, English words): “I speak English with my colleagues pero hablo Espanol with my familia

Denglish (German structure, English-modified words): “Das ist wirklich ein good idea, alles outzusourcen.”

Language teachers groan when students from mixed backgrounds do this, but hey -> for the native speaker of English trying to learn a foreign language, the complication is reduced by 50% because there’s only half the new vocabulary to remember in these sentences.

So to me, it’s ok to use these mixed languages: The important thing is to work your way to perfect sentences in the foreign language from here, and not stop halfway.

What do you think?

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