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German and Chinese are similar (vowels)!

I’m assuming you know Chinese (and obviously English too otherwise why are you here lol) and want to learn German.  You see, if you don’t use the standard written form of Chinese, but instead, use only Hanyu Pinyin, you can start to pronounce German pretty quickly.  Consider this example:

Hanyu Pinyin vowels:

a o e i u ü

German vowels:

a o ö e i u ü

Everything is actually phonetically almost identical except the two vowels highlighted and in italics (o ö).

If you pronounce German using the sound of English consonants and the sound of Chinese vowels – voila – you are 90% there! 😀

You only have to figure out how to do (o ö) and maybe ‘j’, ‘r’, ‘w’, ‘v’ and ‘z’ of German and you’re pretty much done with the basics of German pronunciation.

Go figure how to pronounce: “dann, bekommen, lieb, dunkel, küss” using these principles.  You’re going to be 99% correct. 😀

Note: all five are very useful words.  (Their meanings are: then, receive, love, dark, kiss) ;P

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