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How to sound like a Profi German (or any other language) speaker…

You have learned German for 3 years and you have a pretty decent command of the language.  But you are shy, and you don’t know how to get a German to stop speaking English to you (because they are really so much better at English than you are good at German).  You don’t know a simple way to do that i.e. without asking “Could we speak in German so that we can practice?”…

So here’s a suggestion that can solve this problem right from the start… you can start giving smart answers to basic questions!

So what are basic questions?  They are questions that you ask people when you first get to know them!

For instance, “Where do you come from?”

A standard answer is: “I come from Singapore.”

Answers that demonstrates you have a good idea of the language are: “I’m originally from Singapore, but I lived overseas for some time.” or “I was born in and grew up in Singapore.”

So apply this to German -> “Woher kommst du?”

Standard answer: “Ich komme aus Singapur.”

Better answers: “Ich bin ursprunglich aus Singapur aber ich wohnte im Ausland seit einege Jahren” or “Ich bin in Singapur geboren und aufgewachsen.” (If you’ve learned German for 2-3 years you should be able to pull this off quite comfortably; if not, write to me.  I will teach you :D)

Anyway -> say that, and no one will ever ask you how much German you can speak again. 😀 If they still speak English to you, say “Ab und zu sprechen wir auf Deutsch, also, wenn du die Sprache vermisst.  Damit kann ich auch ueben!”  I guarantee you will hear more German.

Please apply this to other language you know enough of, and let me know if a native speaker warms up to you…!

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