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Modern languages can be pretty foreign…

… to ancient people!

Mandarin speakers watch this:

I can’t understand a single word of it (except when the king laughed).  I think if any of these ancient Chinese got transported through time, they won’t understand whatever we’re saying anyway.

There’s the present, there’s the past, and there’s the future.  We don’t know how to speak English of the past, and we don’t know how our English is going to change in the future.  Maybe someone starts to adopt instant messaging as standard English one day?

Instead of saying “he laughed”, you say, “he loled”.

Who knows?  Lol.

Well, the purpose of writing this is: hopefully will lighten the spirits of those trying to learn a foreign language and is wondering why it is so hard some time.  If it comforts you: trying to learn an older version of our current language is just as hard as learning a foreign language, cos it’s become one itself already. 😀  You’re not alone!

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