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Watching foreign language movies…

… is of course a wonderful way of learning the foreign language.

However, while learning a foreign language, we tend to tell ourselves – but I can’t understand half of what is being said, or I am afraid I cannot understand what is being said. And so, we watch them with English subtitles.  I think this is not effective in learning a foreign language because you tend to religiously read the English words instead of trying to hear what is being said at all. It becomes more like reading and watching a scene play at the same time.

To benefit more, I recommend watching the movie with the subtitles of the foreign language.  If you are watching a Spanish movie and you can read Spanish reasonably, consider watching it with the subtitles.  If you don’t understand parts of what is being said, and parts of what is being read, don’t worry.  You will discover how you will understand the plot through observing what people are actually doing in the movie, and you will still be able to appreciate it well.

One suggestion: if you are travelling in the country that speaks the foreign language you are learning, consider doing this: buy a few DVDs from the Blockbuster’s (DVD shop) of that country – and voila!  You’ve just bought something that is difficult to find in your home country, something that can help you learn the language faster, and of course, probably a good movie too!

Hope this tip is useful~

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