What is this blog about?

There are three things you can do on this blog:

1. Read about tips on learning foreign languages better.

2. Find out more about me, and other aspects of me.

3. Decide if I could be of further service to you and contact me (lokepingbu@gmail.com) if you think I could help.

How much do your services cost and what do you offer?

My services cost between S$50 to S$175 per hour, plus a bonus if pre-agreed objective / outcome is achieved.  I can help with:

  • Training your English, German and Mandarin
  • Resume critiques, mock interviews and business plan critique
  • Travel planning, tertiary education consulting, exchange program planning

Why do your services cost so much?

I am good at what I do, and so I charge a fair price for it.  Alternatives are available at lower rates, but that also means that you are ready to compromise on quality.

If you have no money but would like my help, I offer free services one Sunday per month.  If you help me understand why you deserve this assistance, I will dedicate more free time to help you.

Why should you trust me?

I have 1,000 friends on Facebook who would probably tell you to.  They come from more than 20 different countries.

You could also check me out on LinkedIn and my other blog to find out more about me first.

I value my reputation more than your money. Not sure what’s more at risk here if I don’t turn out to be as helpful as I could. 😀

Why did you do this?

Because it gives me personal fulfillment if I can help you in one of the three ways I described above.  I have an extremely fulfilling full time job already.  But even my organization encourages us to sharpen our saw, so that we are recharged and refreshed when we go to work each week.  And so, I try to use my talents in other ways too.

So why don’t you do this for free?

I could.  But the work I could custom-perform for you will give you a wide range of benefits that far outweighs your cost.

For instance, for a mock interview that lets you successfully land a job, you will pay me only S$50 base + 10% of your first month’s salary.  However, the benefits to you is a salary that you would draw every month that is many times the cost of what you share with me.  The bonus % gives me a motivation to put in the extra effort so that I’m not being transactional with you, but will also have an economic interest in helping you succeed.

And besides, it says something about you if you won’t pay for good work. 😀

Can I ask your questions about the work you do on your full time job?

I do not plan to represent my company in any way when working with you on these areas and it could be unprofessional to do so.  I am doing this mainly for personal development.  We can schedule another appointment separately to discuss matters related to my full time job with my company.  I will also not be available during normal office hours (0900 – 1830) to work with you on these services.

What else is important to know?

Well, honestly, I’m charging because I would like an economic benefit for time spent away from family and friends while doing this.  I am more interested in helping you succeed than anything.  And once you become my friend, it’s unlikely I’m going to charge you for anything anymore.  😀

In short, my own principle is to help you as much and as quickly as I can.  When you no longer need my help, I am also free to dedicate myself to others who may need me.

By the way, the money you pay me goes to: 1) Learning new languages, 2) Buying new books, 3) Savings for travels

And whatever I learn that can be shared easily, I will post them for free anyway.  There’ll be positive externalities as a result!

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