Other Interests

I am also proactive in these areas:

Salsa & Bachata – I do these socially and to know the scene in Singapore I recommend joining the Facebook group “Where to Salsa in Singapore this week?”

Travelling – I have lived in 4 countries and been to 18, and am happy to exchange travelling stories with you.

DotA – I played this religiously for 3 years and I’m proud that a couple of my high-school classmates are highly successful people in Garena!

Being ‘epicurious’ – You can count on me to introduce you to a good restaurant in Singapore.  While my friends will be the best people to introduce local Singaporean specialties to you, I am better at suggesting less common options for food in Singapore, and in every other country I live in.

Reading – One advantage of learning languages is so that you can choose to read from a greater genre of literature.  I am always open to reading a new book.

My friends like to do these and sometimes I join in:

Jog, cycle, and play basketball: There is a good amount of opportunities in Singapore to do these.  All said, I still miss temperate weather, cycling tracks, and indoor courts.

Drink, club and listen to live bands: I think Pump Room is probably the best spot in Singapore for all three under one roof.  The Loof, INK bar, and the Screening Room are good for drinks. Wine and cheese at somebody’s place is always a good idea.

Attend musicals, watch plays, and visit art galleries: Compared to 10, 15 years ago, Singapore is now able to offer a decent range of these, including local productions.  This is a company run by my artsy friend, Yan.

Professionally, I am interested in:

Education, economic development, engineering, marketing, and entrepreuneurship.

I think it is important to have both professional and private interests; it will make you a very well rounded individual with a healthy sense of worldliness and an awareness of many things going on around you.

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