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Getting started in a foreign language

August 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Here are three things that can get you learning a foreign language faster than most people around you:

1.  Keep an open mind.  The foreign language will not sound like what you’re used to hearing and it’s usually hard to make meaningful translations.  Better to accept that early than try to make analogies from your mother tongue.

2.  Keep an open mouth.  Practise and repeat so that you pronounce like the native speakers.  Unlearn the accent you have in your mother tongue.

3.  Keep open ears, but close them sometimes.  Believe that your teacher sounds correct, and hear how he or she speaks with full attention.  When other students around you try to pronounce the words in the foreign language, open your ears to hear if they are doing it like the teacher.  If they are not, close your ears.  Don’t be influenced by the wrong pronunciation.

Hope these are useful tips! 😀

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