My Services

So… I’ve managed to offer enough tips that are useful and you are wondering what else could I do for you? 😀

Well, very simply, I could do three things for you if you are based in Singapore:

  • Train your English, German and Mandarin (these should be non-native languages for you)
  • Provide resume critiques, mock interviews and business plan critiques
  • Travel planning, tertiary education consulting, exchange program planning

My services cost between S$50 to S$175 per hour, plus a bonus if a pre-agreed objective / outcome is achieved.  By now you should have read enough of my content and I shouldn’t have to explain why I am qualified to help out with any of the three items.  If not, it’s better that you read more things about me and convince yourself why I could be qualified. These are some examples of how I may come in useful:

1) Here is an example of how I explain German in writing.  I will bring it to life in person!

2) I experienced my own exchange program this way, and I’m pretty confident about helping you plan yours.

3) Here’re some pictures of me in Iceland, Turkey, and Germany. I had fun in my own way, and the experience could be relevant to help you have your fun.

Finally, I have a professional life and an excellent track record when I was a student (I graduated with mostly ‘A’s in the Singaporean, American, and German education systems).  I should be able to give you a decent opinion on your choice for tertiary education, or about the corporate world.

Here is how it works:

1.  Check me out and be sure that I can offer you, a friend of yours, or a family member of yours some value.

2.  Establish contact in one of the three ways:


Google chat:

Skype: Pingbu Loke

3.  Let me know how I can help and we discuss times, places and prices if I am competent to take this job.

I look forward to working with you!

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